For some earthworms are disgusting animals. However, behind the long and slimy body is apparently saved a million benefits. Earthworms are known as bulking soil, bird food, and used as fishing bait. It turns out that the animal is also beneficial in the medical world and health.

Drug typhus

Earthworms have cleaned it can inhibit the growth of salmonella bacteria that disrupt the human digestive thyphosa. Patients can consume boiled water worms or worm capsule contains powder mixed with honey. Traditional healing typhus was apparently recognized by pharmacology experts.

Diarrhea drug

Outbreaks of diarrheal illness often occurs in the community. Well, earthworms become one of the traditional medicines that can be used to cure the disease. Earthworms are antibacterial to bacteria Escherichia coli and Shigella causes diarrhea dysenterica.

Blood circulation

Earthworms contain enzymes that can shed fat lumbrokinase evil in the blood vessels so that blood circulation becomes more fluent. That is the reason why earthworms are often used for the treatment of patients with hypertension and stroke.


Earthworms peroxide containing enzyme, catalase, and cellulose that is needed in the body's metabolic processes. Thus, indirectly the cause of earth worm digestion smooth.


Earthworm extract containing nitrogen and alkaline which can reduce fever in certain diseases such as typhus. The use of earthworms to reduce the heat better than chemicals like paracetamol can leave side effects. IPB laboratory studies have proven this for the safety of the treatment.


Containing earthworms Pheretima that affect the nervous system. Pheretima bring tranquility effect, stopping spasms, and reduce pain so it is ideal to use for toothache, headache, and rheumatism.

Improve energy

The content of taurine in earthworms can increase the metabolism of fat which is converted into energy. This effect is also beneficial for women who want to diet.

Maintain healthy skin

Earthworms also contains alpha-tocopherol can maintain skin elasticity and youthfulness.

Heal wounds

This function is executed by arachidonic acid in earthworms that can accelerate the growth of new cells.

Before consumption, earthworms should be treated the right way. At first sectioned stomach worms, and remove the entrails. After that, wash and boil. Boiled water is used for traditional medicine. Now is the drug of earthworms can be obtained easily in capsule form, so people do not bother to process it. Earth worms processing must be completely clean so as not infected bacteria that resides in the worm.


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