This is the most efficacious remedy for dengue fever, because it has long been used for generations in some Southeast Asian countries namely Sweet Potato Leaves. Sweet potato leaves can actually increase platelets dengue fever patients quickly during taken regularly as prescribed.

This sweet potato leaves contain bioactive compounds that include components phenols, tannins also vitamin C which may affect the body's immune enhancement even an increase in platelets.

To make the drink drug yams, as follows:
Take sweet potato shoots as much as 1 serving of vegetables bond, boiled with 1 liter of water for more than 5 minutes. After that, wait until cool and drink water instead of boiled yams minumi about 1 liter of water a day.

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Is coconut water consumed too many side effects that are not good for our bodies? Here's the explanation: 1. Coconut water contains minerals and vitamins good to eat after we do an activity tiring and sweat. However, drinking coconut water alone is not enough. When sweat, your body will experience a shortage of sodium. While the levels of sodium in coconut water is not sufficient to compensate for the lack of sodium in the body. Consumption of mineral water is strongly recommended.

2. Coconut water is a beverage that is low in fat. But do not make the coconut water as a weight loss drug or medication natural diet. Due to the excessive consumption of coconut water are likely to cause diarrhea. For people who suffer from constipation, coconut water has great benefits as it helps digestion is impaired.

3. Although the amino acids contained in coconut water is higher than the content of amino acids in cow's milk, it does not mean we stop drinking milk and replace it with coconut water. Because milk contains vitamins and minerals that are more complete than coconut water. So when you replace the milk with coconut water, you will experience a shortage of nutrients and may interfere with the performance of organs.

4. Coconut water does contain a number of minerals that are useful to increase endurance. But consuming coconut water does not guarantee the strength of our immune system against infection caused by bacteria and viruses. Whereas the human immune system is very complex and requires adequate nutrition to build a strong immune system.

5. Do not drink the coconut water while you are on the way to somewhere. One side effect of coconut water is that it can cause muscle spasms and fatigue due to the levels of calcium in the water content of the coconut.

6. Coconut water is beneficial for patients with kidney stone disease, but dangerous for people who have decreased kidney function. It must be examined thoroughly in the kidney stone patients. Because the electrolytes potassium and other substances in the coconut water can cause hiperkalemi. Side effects of coconut water in patients whose kidney function is down can harm the heart.

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Miraculously, coconut milk and blood plasma in the blood stream of humans has a similar structure. This is evidenced by the use of coconut water as a blood substitute when the war in the past, and in this way saved many human lives.

These days, coconut water is used throughout the world, and you can find it in various markets in your neighborhood. May sense the water is no longer fresh, but the power of detoxification and other health benefits of coconut water so no doubt.

What happens when you drink coconut water in 7 Days?

Quoted from the site, coconut water can strengthen your immune system and eliminate the bacteria that cause urinary tract infections, gonorrhea, gum disease and the virus that causes the flu, infectious diseases and typhoid.

Coconut water can increase energy and the production of thyroid gland hormones. Coconut water acts as a natural diuretic and is very helpful for people who have kidney disease. This will help cleanse the urinary tract and bladder. Efficacious eliminate toxins and help break up kidney stones.

Coconut water contains a high amount of fiber, so it is good for digestion. Consuming coconut water regularly will help eliminate stomach acid.

Because low-fat coconut milk, you can drink it in large quantities. Coconut water will reduce your appetite because after drinking you will feel full, thus indirectly aiding weight loss.

Try cotton or cloth wet with coconut water and place it on the skin if you have acne, oily skin or dry. Coconut water will make the skin clean and fresh, and the pores will be open. Mix the coconut water with olive oil to cleanse the digestive and eliminate intestinal parasites.

Experts claim that coconut water also helps overcome some health problems during pregnancy. With only one cup of coconut water you will balance the electrolyte, so that you will avoid also known as hypertension or high blood pressure.

When people drink too much (drunk) all night, they often have a headache in the morning. Drink coconut water to relieve headaches and replace lost fluids in the body and treat diseases resulting from drunk.

If you want your skin brighter and protected throughout the day, drink a glass of coconut water. If you lose too much energy by exhausting physical activity, you can restore your energy with coconut water. Coconut water will have a positive effect on every part of your body that is tired.

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Despite trying to live a healthy life by avoiding consumption of meat, vegetarian turned make mistakes in following a diet like this.

1. Inaccurate source
Many nutrients need to be replaced by vegetarians because they can not get it from meat. Unfortunately, lack of information or a source that is not accurate to make vegetarian even decreased nutrient intake.

2. likes snacking
If you think the missing nutrients can be obtained from snacking habits, you are wrong. Snack because usually it is not healthy, such as chips or sweets. Controls must be considered vegetarian nutrition and nutrients lost could not be obtained solely from snacking habits. 3. Eating the same
Breakfast is the same today as yesterday, the next day was so. Similarly, with lunch and dinner. Although vegetarians can not eat meat, does not mean you do not have the option to enjoy different types of food variants.

4. Trapped in the protein
Many think protein can only be obtained from meat and eggs. Vegetarian then not be able to meet daily protein needs. Make no mistake, it turns out soy, peanut butter, beans, nuts and other relatives are the best source of protein that can be enjoyed by vegetarians.

5. disease-free
Committed vegetarian diet generally aim to live a healthy lifestyle. But that does not mean you can be completely free of disease. There are many factors trigger the immune system weak besides food.

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to prevent cavities in children, certainly parents should teach the correct way to brush teeth. Parents should teach children about how to brush their teeth and get children to brush their teeth.

To prevent cavities in children, certainly parents should teach the correct way to brush teeth. Parents should teach children about how to brush their teeth and get children to brush their teeth.

Just as in adults, children should also be taught to familiarize themselves diligently brushing teeth at least twice a day, the morning after breakfast and at night before bed with a toothpaste containing fluoride.

The next step for preventing dental cavities child is kept to a minimum by avoiding or consuming food or beverage is sweet and carbonated. If They had a habit of consuming happy sweet foods or drinks, then get used to teach children to direct rinse his mouth water to dissolve the sugar substance that sticks to the teeth.

Next is flossing, namely the removal action plaque and food residue on the teeth by using tools such as dental floss and interdental brushes. Perform flossing at least once a day a child to lift the rest of the food contained in between the teeth.

Is no less important to prevent cavities in children is the child's teeth checked regularly to the dentist every six months.

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