There are many factors that support the body's health. One of them sports. For example, exercise can maintain the body's metabolic rate and accelerate blood circulation. This result will be better quality if the exercise is done regularly.

In addition, exercise can also help a person obtain the ideal body shape. This can increase the confidence of the people. Unfortunately, many people forget the importance of exercise for the body.

What about you? Do you exercise in your daily schedule? Health experts recommend exercise every day for 30 minutes. Do at least 3-5 times per week. This is better than less frequent schedule despite a longer duration, such as once every two weeks or more for three hours.

What about the type of exercise? There is innumerable variety of sports. You can choose which you enjoy doing, according to ability, and your exercise goals. However, it would be better if you vary the type of exercise you do. In addition to not quickly get bored, variations can provide a more complete health benefits.

The ideal sports include heating, core, and cooling. Heating can be done for 5-10 minutes, at least 20 minutes core, and cooling is also 5-10 minutes. In addition, the intensity of the exercise performed should be tailored to your targeted results.

For example, if you want to increase endurance, Reach 70-85% maximum pulse (MP) each time exercising. The formula is DNM = 220 - age. If your goal is to burn the excess fat in the body, Reach 60-70%.

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Among the more than 1800 species of earthworms are there in the world and has been recognized by scientists, of which there are two types of earthworm commonly used in the cultivation of earthworms and organic fertilizer production process, which is kind of worm Lumbricus and Eisenia Rubellus Fetida (tiger worms). Earthworm species Lumbricus Rubellus are animals that belong in avetebrata animals (invertebrates) that live in the land is fertile and moist. The worms go in gologan epigeic worms. The second type of worm is very easy to breed among other types of worms.

Several studies have proven the anti-bacterial properties of the protein produced from the extraction of earthworms that can inhibit the growth of gram-negative bacteria Escherichia coli, Shigella Dysenterica, Staphilococcus Staphylococcus, and Salmonella Thyp. Experts from a variety of sources and experts earthworm researchers commented that there are a lot of benefits and efficacy of the earthworm, to cure some diseases among which are:
1. Earthworms can cure diseases thypus
2. Earthworms can lower cholesterol levels
3. Earthworms can increase endurance.
4. Earthworms can lower blood pressure higher.
5. Earthworms can increase appetite.
6. Earthworms to treat infections of the gastrointestinal tract such as dysentery, diarrhea and other stomach disorders.
7. Earthworms can treat respiratory tract infections such as influenza, asthma, bronchitis and even TB (Tuberculosis).
8. Earthworms can reduce fatigue and aches and pains due to rheumatism.
9. Earthworms can lower blood sugar levels for people with diabetes.
10. Earthworms can treat exim, hemorrhoids, wounds, allergies and toothache.

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Entering the transition season, people are asked to be aware of Upper Respiratory Infection (ARI). The weather is hot and dry, causing the inhaled air mixes with dust, wind, dirt and germs. If we breathe the dirty air will enter the body and cause infection.

Endurance tended to weaken when hot weather and extreme climate change, thus making the body vulnerable to disease. Early indications body attacked by the disease is characterized by limp body and felt hot. If the situation continues to be left without treatment can lead to body attacked by a variety of diseases.

The heat and dust had led to the emergence of other diseases, such as colds and coughs are contagious. Hot climates is also potential to cause other diseases, such as diarrhea and other diseases that attack the digestive tract.

Therefore, in order to avoid the respiratory disease are encouraged to maintain hygiene and immune systems that are not easily affected by the disease. Consuming water is recommended in these weather conditions to avoid inflammatory diseases, coughs, colds, diarrhea or gastrointestinal disease. In addition to consuming a lot of water, it is recommended to also take vitamin B complex, C and E.

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Gecko has long been a traditional medicine of China. But what are the benefits of gecko? The star now that we often encounter many hunted, because the price is expensive. The larger the size is the more expensive price.

Benefits gecko meat is consumed as a medicine believed to cure skin diseases such as, asthma, and also increase the stamina of men. But so far there has been no pharmacological studies have been able to demonstrate the efficacy of the gecko.

Even so ever report that shows that the gecko has the greatest positive effect on malignant tumors. This research was led by Prof. Wang from Henan University of China. However, its mechanism of action as an anti-tumor is unclear.

Currently the WHO (World Health Organization), the largest health institutions under the UN's conduct regarding the efficacy and benefits of the flesh and the skin he geckos can cure AIDS, asthma and various other skin diseases.

Benefits of gecko meat may still not so clear, though so many of the Chinese traditional medicine, especially the use of geckos as its main ingredient. Whether used are gecko home or not.

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You should know that drinking cold water after meals will narrow our intestinal tract. Drinking cold water after meals is very delicious, but you should remember that what you do is just bring bad effects to health. Cold conditions will solidify the oily stuff that just eaten. This will slow down the digestion process.

When fat is formed in the gut, then it will narrow the digestive tract and gradually accumulate fat that makes us fat and this is one of the early signs of the emergence of a variety of disease.

To avoid unwanted things, you should replace it with warm water. Reduce drinking cold water, both of which had been cooled in a refrigerator or ice blended. Cold drinks can cause blood wrinkle channels from large to small as the diameter of our hair.

Even if we replace it with warm water there are many benefits that we can get one of them is to prevent a heart attack. For those who have coronary heart disease regardless of the percentage of blockage it will allow him to develop heart disease. This is because the channel could be hardened coronary or contract so that the hole could be smaller channels which in turn can inhibit the rate of the heart. Therefore, to inhibit the contract process and hardening of coronary channel, make it a habit to drink hot water.

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