Gecko has long been a traditional medicine of China. But what are the benefits of gecko? The star now that we often encounter many hunted, because the price is expensive. The larger the size is the more expensive price.

Benefits gecko meat is consumed as a medicine believed to cure skin diseases such as, asthma, and also increase the stamina of men. But so far there has been no pharmacological studies have been able to demonstrate the efficacy of the gecko.

Even so ever report that shows that the gecko has the greatest positive effect on malignant tumors. This research was led by Prof. Wang from Henan University of China. However, its mechanism of action as an anti-tumor is unclear.

Currently the WHO (World Health Organization), the largest health institutions under the UN's conduct regarding the efficacy and benefits of the flesh and the skin he geckos can cure AIDS, asthma and various other skin diseases.

Benefits of gecko meat may still not so clear, though so many of the Chinese traditional medicine, especially the use of geckos as its main ingredient. Whether used are gecko home or not.

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You should know that drinking cold water after meals will narrow our intestinal tract. Drinking cold water after meals is very delicious, but you should remember that what you do is just bring bad effects to health. Cold conditions will solidify the oily stuff that just eaten. This will slow down the digestion process.

When fat is formed in the gut, then it will narrow the digestive tract and gradually accumulate fat that makes us fat and this is one of the early signs of the emergence of a variety of disease.

To avoid unwanted things, you should replace it with warm water. Reduce drinking cold water, both of which had been cooled in a refrigerator or ice blended. Cold drinks can cause blood wrinkle channels from large to small as the diameter of our hair.

Even if we replace it with warm water there are many benefits that we can get one of them is to prevent a heart attack. For those who have coronary heart disease regardless of the percentage of blockage it will allow him to develop heart disease. This is because the channel could be hardened coronary or contract so that the hole could be smaller channels which in turn can inhibit the rate of the heart. Therefore, to inhibit the contract process and hardening of coronary channel, make it a habit to drink hot water.

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If you've just consume honey as a drink, you actually lose money. There are many things you can do with honey. Here are some of them other benefits of honey.

1. Ideal moisturizer. Warm a little honey in a saucepan until the liquid add the fragrances of lavender, and close for a week. Put it in a bottle and give fragrances.

2. Conditioner is perfect. Honey can be used instead of conditioner that you normally wear. Add 1 tablespoon of honey to shampoo or hair mask. Or mix the honey with olive oil and apply on hair that has been washed. Leave for 20 minutes and rinse.

3 Hangovers. Honey is a natural tonic which helps get rid of the unpleasant taste. Add two tablespoons of honey to a glass of water. Drinking in the morning and will speed up your metabolism to feel much better. It helps eliminate toxins from your body.

4. Heals burns and bruises. Try to apply on the affected area slowly. Honey works as a natural antiseptic so calming and healing well.

5. Increase stamina sports. Drink one tablespoon of honey before exercise. Honey will give additional strength to run the sport.

6. Lose weight. Add honey to your diet. Honey is good for digestion, replace the sugar is much healthier, not rich in calories, burn fat faster.

7. Sweeteners. Honey is an excellent substitute for sugar, although it still contains calories. Add a little honey in the tea, you can enjoy a delicious and healthy drinks in an instant.

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From some research, the people who run the seven healthy life turns doing this so sleep soundly.

1. Snacks
Of course not just any food that made bedtime snack. Better to choose the kiwi. The study, conducted by researchers Taiwan in 2011 states that eating two kiwi fruit one hour before bedtime for a month make adult fall asleep 35 percent faster and 13 percent slept longer than usual.

Allegedly, the content of the antioxidant vitamins C and E are there in the green fruit that helps regulate neurotransmitters in the brain. Alternatively, serotonin, a substance that is believed to provide comfort and happy rich kiwi conceived.

2 Avoiding Hairy Pillow
Do not choose the wrong pillow if you want to sleep soundly. Of the 100 people who were observed in a study, which claimed her not qualified to say they are not comfortable pillow used for sleeping.

Although the perceived comfort of the pillow is different for every person, referred to as feather pillows cushion the most consistently lead to poor sleep quality. Containing polyester and latex pillows, according to the study, were the highest in the making beds so comfortable.

3 Stretch the Body
Have leg cramps sleep not only unpleasant experience, but also makes it difficult to sleep and can lead to insomnia. To avoid this, make it a habit to stretch at the back of the calf and thigh at bedtime.

Sit on the floor with both feet forward, then go for your toes with your knees leaning. The results of the study for six weeks in 2012, published in the Journal of Physiotherapy states doing this will help lengthen the tendons and muscles and can reduce the frequency and severity of cramps.

4 Drinking Drugs
If you are taking regular medication your doctor prescribes aspirin to reduce the risk of heart disease or stroke in the morning, try replacing the schedule into the evening before bed. Research conducted Amerincan Heart Association's Scientific Session in 2013 to around 300 people mentioned, patients who take this medication at bedtime had lower platelet activity in the morning, where the conditions are good for your heart.

Meanwhile, heart attacks occur more frequently in the morning, to the alleged increased platelet activity at the moment. However, do not forget to consult your doctor first before changing the schedule of taking the medication.

5. Listen to "Pink Noise"
The sound of dripping water faucet or the clock ticking on the quietness of the middle of the night can make the eyes more wide open and frustrated because it is difficult to sleep. Well, it turns pink noise better cope with such problems than white noise. Unlike white noise (ambient noise in the frequency range), pink noise is characterized by a consistent sound and lower frequency. For example, the sound of the fan hum or steady rainfall.

According to research in China in 2012, listening to pink noise at night helps regulate brain waves, so that the time could sleep longer. In that study, 75 percent of respondents felt pink noise has a positive effect on their sleep. Further research even states that the pink noise can increase the memory center of the brain.

6. Sports run
Ever heard of the prohibition to exercise at night because it will make you tired and it is difficult to sleep? Perhaps you need to change the notion that, because the National Sleep Foundation study in 2013 stated that the exercise whenever you are able to do that can help you sleep better, even on the same night by the time you exercise. According to this study, people who exercise intensely within four hours of sleep the night before did not experience the difference quality sleep.

7 Thankful
Research conducted in the UK in 2009 mentioned, people who are good grateful proven to have fewer sleep problems. When you are always grateful to face any condition or always trying to remind myself to be grateful for every day that you pass, you will be less negative thinking that may keep you awake all night.

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Although impressed by the light, walk turned out to be a healthy activity. By walking, you can prevent cholesterol that accumulates in the body by increasing oxygen and facilitates blood circulation.

Walking can also strengthen bones and muscles, because the movement of walking requires more than 600 muscles and 200 bones work. It also reduces body fat, as well as effective to prevent diseases that come with age.

There are several tips to get the most benefit from the activity of walking, among others:
* In the morning, warm up first. Warming the body needs in order not to be surprised by the movement of muscles and bones, so it does not cause muscle cramps. The best time to go is early morning, before breakfast or half an hour after that.

* Runs on morning can significantly help you lose weight because there are not many sources of energy in the body at that time. However, for people who are not in good condition, it is recommended to run in the afternoon, when the rhythm of the body reaches its peak and the body becomes flexible enough.

* Walking can also help prevent obesity. Brisk walk before dinner can burn calories in the body. As for you who suffer from insomnia, walking in the light can help you immediately sleepy.

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