Talking about supplements, not many people know that young areca nut fruit can be used as a natural supplement to increase male stamina.
Since the first, many people who believe that the fruits of young areca nut have special content that can enhance male strength. It is said that, our soldiers are many who use Young areca nut fruit when they must fight against the invaders and wandered in the jungle.
They consume too much Peanut fruit as well as daily meals. And it has been proven, many of them have a steady stamina, although not often get a share of food. Young areca nut fruit can be recognized can increase stamina of adult men, especially those who have married. Young areca nut fruit can be made juice which is also combined with various types of materials. Benefits of juice is known to increase the men vitality.

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You can use rice water to treat your hair regularly every day. Now you can replace expensive and chemical-based cosmetic products, which may actually damage your skin or hair.

Overcome the problem of hair loss This simple rice water can treat the problem of hair loss by increasing the growth of new hair and strengthen hair strands.

After you shampoo, pour rice water that has been diluted with ordinary water on your hair. Use your fingertips to gently massage on your scalp for 10 minutes. Rinse your hair thoroughly with plain water. Do this hair care as much as 2 or 3 times a week.

For additional nutrients, you can add a few drops of essential oils such as rosemary oil or lavender oil into the water before use. You can also add green tea.

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One of the health problems that make us lose confidence is excessive weight. Not only make less attractive physique, excessive weight gain also cause various diseases. Unfortunately, to lose weight, we have to do regular exercise and set back our diet to make it healthier. Health experts said that there are several types of beverages that can help us lose weight, such as below:

Lemon juice
Health experts said that if we consume lemon water before exercise, then this will help the fat burning process in the body better. Not only that, the nutrients from the lemon water will also support our health.

Green tea
Green tea extract could actually help control weight and glucose levels in the body. According to health experts, if we regularly consume two cups of green tea, then we will be better at controlling weight, strengthens the immune system and preventing various diseases.

Black coffee
Black coffee was able to increase the metabolism in the body. This means that, by regularly consume it, we will be able to lose fat faster. In addition, the caffeine in black coffee could actually help burn calories while we are resting.

Vegetable soup
The vegetable soup that is rich in nutrient content it can help increase the body's metabolic system while preventing us consume too many calories. This will certainly help us lose weight better.

skimmed milk
Regularly consume skim milk was also able to help us prevent excessive calorie intake that will help the weight loss program.

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Many who use herbal medicine to overcome various diseases for the reason that herbal remedies are safer than chemical drugs. The country's most famous alternative healing using herbal medicine is Chinese.

As we know herbal medicine has helped cure many diseases. Although these drugs have no therapeutic claims, but the herbal medicine is still the primary choice of most drug is safe and effective to use.

Among the types of tubers is not in doubt is the efficacy of ginger and turmeric:
1. Curcuma
Curcuma are included in the ginger family (Zingiberaceae), Characteristics of ginger grown as a bush without stems, ranging from the base already a long leaf stalks standing upright.

With the sweet smell with a slightly bitter taste spicy, make Ginger has long been used for generations to treat jaundice, diarrhea, heartburn, bloating and fatigue. Recently also can be used to lower blood fat, prevent blood clotting as an antioxidant and maintain health by increasing the immune power.

2. Turmeric
Turmeric is a medicinal plant is an annual form of shrubs and scattered throughout the tropics, plants and wild turmeric thrives around the forest or former gardens. Turmeric efficacious soothing, cleaning, drying, eliminate itching, and cure tingling.

The main benefits of turmeric plants as traditional medicine are industrial raw materials and cosmetic herbs, spices and cooking ingredients, livestock and others. Besides, the plant turmeric is also useful as an anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-microbial, prevention of cancer, anti-tumor, and reduce levels of blood fats and cholesterol, as well as a blood purifier.

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Injuries can happen to anyone, both adults and small children. If you get suffered serious injuries and it was not handled properly it will cause pus on your wound. In order for your wound dry quickly, there are several ways you can do.

1. Water Cleaning
it is the first step that your wound is not to cause bacteria or viruses that may aggravate your injury.

2. Honey
You simply apply honey to your wounds and let standing a few minutes. After that, rinse your wound with warm water, do this until your wound completely dry and stain your scars could be lost.

3. Oil wasps
wasp apply oil to the wound. Make up your wound dry. The advantage besides rapid draining wounds oil use wasps also does not cause pain and stiffness in your wounds.

4. Sugar or sugar cane
Sprinkle sugar cane or sugar water on the wound and let stand briefly. Perform routine so that germs and bacteria in the wound can die.

5. Avoid wet wounds
In addition to using traditional medicines, ways to dry quickly wound that you try to wound you do not get wet. Because, the wounds were wet due to water or sweat, it will make your wound dry for a long time.

6. Leave it open
The habit of closing the wound will actually make your wound becomes difficult to dry. So to kill these bacteria should you open your wound to dry.

7. Avoid friction
so that the wounds dry quickly, try to minimize friction on your wound. Usually this friction will make your cuts more severe, and difficult to heal and dry.

8. Consuming foods containing protein
In addition to the wound dry quickly so that you do from the outside, you can also do from within. Namely by consuming foods that contain protein. Containing foods may be vegetables and fruits.

9. Do not peel wound
Let alone your wound, because the wound dries usually will peel by itself.

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