Diabetes is not monitored and controlled two times increased risk of heart disease and shorten the life of 10-15 years. Diabetes to lab tests ? Surely many are lazy, as well as think-think what it costs. In fact, many are wary of spying for the deadly disease.

Well, please try the following simple test that I got from Reader 's Digest. This test can do for ourselves to monitor our risk of developing diabetes within the next five years. The trick, answer the questions below, then add the value you get.

If your total score is 15 or more, then you are at high risk of developing diabetes. Immediately consult a doctor and do lifestyle changes.

Here comes the test.

Your age ?
35-44 = 2 points
45-54 = 4 points
55-64 = 6 points
65 and over = 8 points

3 points

Hispanics, African - Americans, Native Americans, and Asian?
2 points

One parent or sibling diagnosed with diabetes type 1 and 2?
3 points

Been detected had high blood sugar levels? (eg, when a medical, dental pain, or pregnant)
6 points

Are taking high blood pressure medication?
2 points

Tobacco smoke or consume every day?
2 points

Do not eat vegetables or fruit every day?
1 point

Exercising less than 2.5 hours per week on average?
2 points

Having a waist size ( parallel to the navel, measured while standing):
For men : 102-110 cm = 4 points
More than 110 cm = 4 points

For women : 88-100 cm = 4 points
More than 100 cm = 7 points

So, how do you test results?

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Syzygium cumini fruits (juwet) that grow in the wild has many health benefits. Among other things, reduce cholesterol, treat diarrhea habits to overcome bedwetting in children. The syzygium cumini juice has been introduced in primary school students in Gresik, East Java, Indonesia (16/11/2013.)

The students were quite happy to enjoy a drink from the fruit that grows wild in the yard around the school and their homes this.

In addition to the distinctive taste, syzygium cumini fruit juice has many health benefits, such as lowering cholesterol, treating diarrhea, including custom overcome bedwetting in children as they age.

Therefore, in the last month, the school introduced the syzygium cumini juice to students by practicing how to make it very easy.

By utilizing syzygium cumini trees growing around the school, the students can harvest in the current season as it is today. The Syzygium cumini selected fruit is ripe with dark purple -black.

Syzygium cumini fruit later in the wash and then boil until the meat easily broke and separated from the seeds. The process of separation of meat and beans is done by pressing the flesh to peel.

Furthermore, the fruit flesh syzygium cumini filtered to take out the juice. This syzygium cumini juice, then mix in sugar to taste so sweet and love kids. Syzygium cumini juice is next on drinking regularly by children who have a habit of bedwetting during sleep.

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Fig tree that is grow in the Middle East, it can grow well in Gresik, East Java, Indonesia. In fact, at the age of six months, fig trees can be fruitful. Fruit production will continue to increase with the age of the tree.

As known, the fruit and leaves of fig trees has many benefits for health and treat various diseases such as diabetes and stroke, and so forth.

Breed trees with grafting techniques will help speed up the cultivation, so that in a short time were able to grow in large areas.

Fig trees are not difficult to care for and about the same as taking care of plants in general, ie, keeping the soil and protect the trees the leaves of caterpillar pests that attack the foliage.

For the treatment of fruit, since the color looks purple, use plastic wrap fig fruit to avoid pests. Do not forget, puncture plastic in some parts so that air could enter.

Young fig fruit is greenish. More mature, skin color will change to purple-black. When ripe, the fruit is very tasty tin consumed directly or used as a juice.

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Especially the smell of body odor in the armpits will appear and begin stinging smell when the body has a lot of sweat during activity and hot weather. To get rid of underarm odor traditionally, :

1. Use Betel Leaves
The trick is to grab some betel leaves and soak into hot water. Then let cool and drink water regularly every day. Another way, the betel leaf puree and mixed with lime, then apply the armpit is not good. This betel leaf eliminate unpleasant body odor.

2. Use alum
Rub alum on armpits that smell after a shower, do it regularly. Alum is powerful to overcome unpleasant body odor.

3. Use Lime
The trick is taking the already -squeezed lime juice and mixed with whiting and apply to routinely armpit.. Lime is beneficial eliminates unpleasant body odor.

4. Reduce Eating Onions
Turns garlic can cause unpleasant body odor, therefore consume onion cut back.

Thus the solution to overcome / eliminate body odor naturally, please try and hopefully useful.

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You suffer from nasal congestion due to allergies or a cold ? Washing the nose with saline solutionare believed to help it.

Beneficial saline wash mucus. Some scientists believe, washing the nose with saline solution to relieve symptoms in patients with chronic sinus, allergy with runny nose, acute sinusitis, colds, flu-like symptoms are also accompanied by nasal congestion. This method is said to be safe for children and adults.

The following step by step to do it.

Step 1 : Determine the required
To wet nose, you will need a container and salt solution. You can buy pre- filled container (sort of specimen container), using sprays. All can be obtained from the drug store.

Step 2 : Mixing the salt solution.
Once you select a pre filled container, you can skip this step. If not, you can buy powdered salt solution and follow the instructions on the label, or create your own.

The trick, mix one or two cups of warm water with ¼ or ½ teaspoon of non iodized salt, and a pinch of baking soda ( useful alleviate salt reaction ). For the record, use distilled water/ sterile/ boiled water to make a solution to prevent infection.

Step 3 : Take a position.
If you use a bottle, or syringe ( without the needle ), lean to position the head over the sink, with the position of an angle of 45 degrees. Tilt your head to the side ( look sideways ) so that the nostrils pointing towards the sink. Do not tilt your head back.

Step 4 : Pour the salt solution.
Place a bottle at spout, tip syringe, or bottle so that the holes are in the nose, then push. Bottles should end entry hole no more than the width of one finger. Keep your mouth open and breathe through the mouth when a solution is inserted into the nose.

Step 5 : Let the leak.
Salt water will run through the nose and flows out of the other nostril ( or mouth ) when saline solution is inserted into the nose in the position of head tilted to the side. Shortly after this is done, you have to spit so that the liquid out and not swallowed. But if there are swallowing liquids also not why.

Step 6 : Clean up your nose and repeat.
Gently blow air through the nose to clear the rest of the solution. Repeat the procedure on the other nostril. When finished, dispose of the rest of the solution and clean the tools after use. Let air dry, then store in a clean and dry.

Note :
- If the nostrils when cleaning is hot or painful, try reducing the levels of salt in the solution, and make sure you use lukewarm water.

- Make sure you tilt your head to the side first with an angle of 45 degrees, and do not tilt your head back.

- Keep the mouth open so you do not breathe through your nose and " sucking " saline solution.

- Use saline once a day just to help thin mucus, decrease the number of droplets of nasal secretions, and cleaning the nose of bacteria. It can also clean allergens are inhaled. After symptoms subside, repeat with the frequency of three times a week to keep the nose free of symptoms.

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