Many who use herbal medicine to overcome various diseases for the reason that herbal remedies are safer than chemical drugs. The country's most famous alternative healing using herbal medicine is Chinese.

As we know herbal medicine has helped cure many diseases. Although these drugs have no therapeutic claims, but the herbal medicine is still the primary choice of most drug is safe and effective to use.

Among the types of tubers is not in doubt is the efficacy of ginger and turmeric:
1. Curcuma
Curcuma are included in the ginger family (Zingiberaceae), Characteristics of ginger grown as a bush without stems, ranging from the base already a long leaf stalks standing upright.

With the sweet smell with a slightly bitter taste spicy, make Ginger has long been used for generations to treat jaundice, diarrhea, heartburn, bloating and fatigue. Recently also can be used to lower blood fat, prevent blood clotting as an antioxidant and maintain health by increasing the immune power.

2. Turmeric
Turmeric is a medicinal plant is an annual form of shrubs and scattered throughout the tropics, plants and wild turmeric thrives around the forest or former gardens. Turmeric efficacious soothing, cleaning, drying, eliminate itching, and cure tingling.

The main benefits of turmeric plants as traditional medicine are industrial raw materials and cosmetic herbs, spices and cooking ingredients, livestock and others. Besides, the plant turmeric is also useful as an anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-microbial, prevention of cancer, anti-tumor, and reduce levels of blood fats and cholesterol, as well as a blood purifier.

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Injuries can happen to anyone, both adults and small children. If you get suffered serious injuries and it was not handled properly it will cause pus on your wound. In order for your wound dry quickly, there are several ways you can do.

1. Water Cleaning
it is the first step that your wound is not to cause bacteria or viruses that may aggravate your injury.

2. Honey
You simply apply honey to your wounds and let standing a few minutes. After that, rinse your wound with warm water, do this until your wound completely dry and stain your scars could be lost.

3. Oil wasps
wasp apply oil to the wound. Make up your wound dry. The advantage besides rapid draining wounds oil use wasps also does not cause pain and stiffness in your wounds.

4. Sugar or sugar cane
Sprinkle sugar cane or sugar water on the wound and let stand briefly. Perform routine so that germs and bacteria in the wound can die.

5. Avoid wet wounds
In addition to using traditional medicines, ways to dry quickly wound that you try to wound you do not get wet. Because, the wounds were wet due to water or sweat, it will make your wound dry for a long time.

6. Leave it open
The habit of closing the wound will actually make your wound becomes difficult to dry. So to kill these bacteria should you open your wound to dry.

7. Avoid friction
so that the wounds dry quickly, try to minimize friction on your wound. Usually this friction will make your cuts more severe, and difficult to heal and dry.

8. Consuming foods containing protein
In addition to the wound dry quickly so that you do from the outside, you can also do from within. Namely by consuming foods that contain protein. Containing foods may be vegetables and fruits.

9. Do not peel wound
Let alone your wound, because the wound dries usually will peel by itself.

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Coffee apparently also has other benefits. One of the other benefits of coffee is to treat injuries, ranging from cuts because of a fall, a sharp object scratched wounds, burns, until the scab wounds were already infected. And another great, all ages can use coffee as a remedy the injury, including children.

Antibacterial in the coffee powder is very strong and effectively disinfect Methicillin Resistant Starhylococcus Aureus (MRSA) that are often found in festering wounds. In fact there are no side effects arising from treatment of the wound with coffee.

As for how to treat wounds using coffee that is:
1. Sprinkle the coffee powder evenly over the wound. Quite thin, do not be too thick.
2. The frequency can be done 3 times a day in the morning, afternoon, and evening.
3. After sprinkled coffee, the wound should be kept dry and absolutely should not be exposed to water. When exposed to water, the wound will be constantly wet so that the treatment will not be effective. If you want a shower or doing activities that come into contact with water, cover the wound with a meeting.

Utilization of coffee as a cure wounds did not require a prescription. Coffee can be directly sprinkled over the wound. Only, coffee used to be the type of coffee is the original that has not mixed anything.

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The density of activity can make people postpone a meal or even forget to fill the stomach. Should reduce or stop the habit.

If the late of eat constantly it will be bad for your health:

1. Easy moody and lethargic
This happens because the body lacks glucose should be supplied from food.

2. Metabolism slows
In the absence of food intake slows the metabolic processes, which result in less of your physical and mental abilities.

3. Abdominal cramps
Eating regularly is very beneficial for the body. In addition to nutrition it also can regulate the digestive system to be more active. If you always defer to eat, much less frequency, then the digestive system would be surprised, and responded to no good. As a result, the stomach will cramp.

4. Ulcer
Even if you do not eat, the stomach can still produce acid. Normally this acid will not harm the stomach tissue. But that will change if you are frequently late to eat.

5. Nutrition less, so less fit body
As a result, the body can be attacked as H Pylori bacteria which can increase levels of stomach acid. If excessive can damage tissue and cause stomach ulcers.

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Celery has a great benefit to health. Some of the benefits are:

1. Benefits of celery to treat rheumatism
Treating arthritis is very urgent for the already affected by the disease this one. In addition to disrupt daily activities, arthritic pain also makes us all day. Rheumatic diseases are present due to excess uric acid. Uric acid is then accumulates in the joints and is slowly crystallized. Rheumatism also threaten our movement with paralysis.

It is also very easy to do. Multiply only consume raw celery leaves. This is done by making the consumption of celery leaf vegetables food byproducts to our everyday dishes.

2. Celery efficacy to lower cholesterol levels in the blood
Cholesterol has a number which should be limited in the body. The number of which is not restricted will result in the buildup and blockage of blood vessels. Clogged blood vessels will invite many diseases.

How to remove them is with celery leaves. An alternative way is easy. Quite boiled celery with 3 cups of water until reduced to 1 cup of water after the celery washed and cut up rough. The rest wait for a bit to cool and then taken regularly. Guaranteed cholesterol will disband.

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