Although impressed by the light, walk turned out to be a healthy activity. By walking, you can prevent cholesterol that accumulates in the body by increasing oxygen and facilitates blood circulation.

Walking can also strengthen bones and muscles, because the movement of walking requires more than 600 muscles and 200 bones work. It also reduces body fat, as well as effective to prevent diseases that come with age.

There are several tips to get the most benefit from the activity of walking, among others:
* In the morning, warm up first. Warming the body needs in order not to be surprised by the movement of muscles and bones, so it does not cause muscle cramps. The best time to go is early morning, before breakfast or half an hour after that.

* Runs on morning can significantly help you lose weight because there are not many sources of energy in the body at that time. However, for people who are not in good condition, it is recommended to run in the afternoon, when the rhythm of the body reaches its peak and the body becomes flexible enough.

* Walking can also help prevent obesity. Brisk walk before dinner can burn calories in the body. As for you who suffer from insomnia, walking in the light can help you immediately sleepy.

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Treatment of various diseases is not only to be done medically to spend big, but it can also be done through alternative medicine therapies without having costly.

Cupping therapy is razor eg alternative medicine therapies in doing Salohot, residents Mandailing Natal, North Sumatra Indonesia for 20 years. He only open practice at 19:00 am until 22:00 pm.

According to Salohot, this treatment therapy is inherited from generation to generation by their ancestors to treat various diseases. Such as colds, high blood pressure, gout and various other diseases.

This therapy uses only simple tools, such as small bottles, pieces of scrap paper, wax and razor blades. Burnt pieces of scrap paper, then insert into the bottle, then placed the body gets sore for a few minutes.

After the body part attached to the bottle sucked, the bottle is removed, and the body parts are affixed directly on the slice with a razor blade, then the bottle taped back the same way to remove toxins or toxic substances that exist in the body through dirty blood.

This therapy can be enjoyed by all walks of life, ranging from officials, businessmen, until the economy is weak because people do not put up Salohot special rate. Moreover, the practice of therapy is in the evening allowing ample opportunity for people to seek treatment because they do not interfere with the activity.

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Diabetes is not monitored and controlled two times increased risk of heart disease and shorten the life of 10-15 years. Diabetes to lab tests ? Surely many are lazy, as well as think-think what it costs. In fact, many are wary of spying for the deadly disease.

Well, please try the following simple test that I got from Reader 's Digest. This test can do for ourselves to monitor our risk of developing diabetes within the next five years. The trick, answer the questions below, then add the value you get.

If your total score is 15 or more, then you are at high risk of developing diabetes. Immediately consult a doctor and do lifestyle changes.

Here comes the test.

Your age ?
35-44 = 2 points
45-54 = 4 points
55-64 = 6 points
65 and over = 8 points

3 points

Hispanics, African - Americans, Native Americans, and Asian?
2 points

One parent or sibling diagnosed with diabetes type 1 and 2?
3 points

Been detected had high blood sugar levels? (eg, when a medical, dental pain, or pregnant)
6 points

Are taking high blood pressure medication?
2 points

Tobacco smoke or consume every day?
2 points

Do not eat vegetables or fruit every day?
1 point

Exercising less than 2.5 hours per week on average?
2 points

Having a waist size ( parallel to the navel, measured while standing):
For men : 102-110 cm = 4 points
More than 110 cm = 4 points

For women : 88-100 cm = 4 points
More than 100 cm = 7 points

So, how do you test results?

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Syzygium cumini fruits (juwet) that grow in the wild has many health benefits. Among other things, reduce cholesterol, treat diarrhea habits to overcome bedwetting in children. The syzygium cumini juice has been introduced in primary school students in Gresik, East Java, Indonesia (16/11/2013.)

The students were quite happy to enjoy a drink from the fruit that grows wild in the yard around the school and their homes this.

In addition to the distinctive taste, syzygium cumini fruit juice has many health benefits, such as lowering cholesterol, treating diarrhea, including custom overcome bedwetting in children as they age.

Therefore, in the last month, the school introduced the syzygium cumini juice to students by practicing how to make it very easy.

By utilizing syzygium cumini trees growing around the school, the students can harvest in the current season as it is today. The Syzygium cumini selected fruit is ripe with dark purple -black.

Syzygium cumini fruit later in the wash and then boil until the meat easily broke and separated from the seeds. The process of separation of meat and beans is done by pressing the flesh to peel.

Furthermore, the fruit flesh syzygium cumini filtered to take out the juice. This syzygium cumini juice, then mix in sugar to taste so sweet and love kids. Syzygium cumini juice is next on drinking regularly by children who have a habit of bedwetting during sleep.

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Fig tree that is grow in the Middle East, it can grow well in Gresik, East Java, Indonesia. In fact, at the age of six months, fig trees can be fruitful. Fruit production will continue to increase with the age of the tree.

As known, the fruit and leaves of fig trees has many benefits for health and treat various diseases such as diabetes and stroke, and so forth.

Breed trees with grafting techniques will help speed up the cultivation, so that in a short time were able to grow in large areas.

Fig trees are not difficult to care for and about the same as taking care of plants in general, ie, keeping the soil and protect the trees the leaves of caterpillar pests that attack the foliage.

For the treatment of fruit, since the color looks purple, use plastic wrap fig fruit to avoid pests. Do not forget, puncture plastic in some parts so that air could enter.

Young fig fruit is greenish. More mature, skin color will change to purple-black. When ripe, the fruit is very tasty tin consumed directly or used as a juice.

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