Celery has a great benefit to health. Some of the benefits are:

1. Benefits of celery to treat rheumatism
Treating arthritis is very urgent for the already affected by the disease this one. In addition to disrupt daily activities, arthritic pain also makes us all day. Rheumatic diseases are present due to excess uric acid. Uric acid is then accumulates in the joints and is slowly crystallized. Rheumatism also threaten our movement with paralysis.

It is also very easy to do. Multiply only consume raw celery leaves. This is done by making the consumption of celery leaf vegetables food byproducts to our everyday dishes.

2. Celery efficacy to lower cholesterol levels in the blood
Cholesterol has a number which should be limited in the body. The number of which is not restricted will result in the buildup and blockage of blood vessels. Clogged blood vessels will invite many diseases.

How to remove them is with celery leaves. An alternative way is easy. Quite boiled celery with 3 cups of water until reduced to 1 cup of water after the celery washed and cut up rough. The rest wait for a bit to cool and then taken regularly. Guaranteed cholesterol will disband.

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Common symptoms of someone with flu are fever, cough, sore throat, nasal congestion, pain in the muscles and dizziness. Flu is a type of mild disease. However, if not addressed, the flu can make the body's health deteriorated.

Here are some traditional flu medicine that can alleviate the disease.
1. The lime juice and honey
Some of the natural ingredients that need to be prepared to make flu medicines, among others, lemon juice, honey, papaya seeds, bark quinine and 1 cup of boiled water. The trick, quinine puree, papaya seeds then puree. After that enter the lemon juice, honey and water in the material that has been refined. Mix well and strain the water. Drink this mixture into ½ cup 3 times a day.

2. frangipani flower and brown sugar
Natural and traditional medicine next flu is the use of frangipani flowers and brown sugar. The trick, wash and boil frangipani flowers using 400 ml of water and leaving approximately 200 ml. After that strain the cooking water and add brown sugar. Drink this mixture until the flu or cough cured.

3. Ginger
Next is to use ginger. As you know ginger contains natural antiviral compounds that can fight the virus that causes the flu. The trick grab some segments of ginger after it was crushed and put in warm water. To provide a sweet taste you can add sugar or honey. other than that ginger can also help boost the immune system.

4. Garlic
Garlic is one of the foods that contain natural antibiotics that can overcome this health problem. Just like ginger garlic also contains anti-inflammatory properties that can overcome the inflammation caused by influenza viruses. You can add garlic to food or taking them directly.

5. Mint Leaves
Mint leaves are the most efficacious traditional flu drug that you can try next. In addition to making potion of leaves, you can inhale the aroma of mint or menthol. Everyone believed that the smell of mint can relieve the flu suffered. The aroma can be obtained from the scent of eucalyptus oil or balm. Apply the balm or eucalyptus oil in the nostrils to cope with colds.

6. Turmeric and honey
Honey is a natural ingredient that is often used for herbal remedies. This is because honey contains natural ingredients that are good for maintaining a healthy body. If mixed with turmeric course both these natural products can work more effectively. The trick pour a few spoonfuls of grated turmeric, then add honey as flavorings. Drink this concoction regularly so cold that your suffering can be relieved.

7. Consumption of vitamin C
As you know one of the benefits of vitamin C for a healthy body is to boost the immune system. Someone who has a strong immune system can of course increase the white blood cells to fight the flu virus. Some of the best sources of vitamin C that you can take include guava, kiwi, oranges, papaya and other fruits.

8. Rest regularly and fill fluids
Having good quality sleep can muster the energy to fight the disease, including combating flu virus that you suffered. In addition you must also meet the rest of the body fluids. It is useful to keep the body hydrated and accelerate the healing process.

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Sleep is time to recharge, if your sleep is not able to fill your power, then your days will not be maximized. Therefore, in order to minimize the danger of mobile phones, sleeping habits near Mobile phone terminated. Among them because:

1. cause brain tumors
Mobile radiation can affect the formation of neoplasms of cell regeneration that is not fair. Generally, brain tumors in adults of reproductive age, but some may be found in cases where the tumor can also affect children. Therefore, from this time try not to use mobile phones too often, let alone get accustomed to sleeping nearby.

2. cause cancer
Almost the same with a brain tumor, Mobile radiation can also affect the process of division of cells in the body become uncontrolled, abnormal cells are then invade nearby tissues are routinely come into contact with mobile phones, such as the skin and ears. Quite often other body such as the stomach can also be exposed to mobile radiation causing cancer, because when the owner unconscious sleep is often put under and on top of her body.

3. Causing headaches
Mobile radiation for some people who are sensitive to RF waves emitted can cause headaches, dizziness, nausea, even to vomit. 4. Cause cannot sleep soundly
Mobile can make a person so could not sleep well, either because busy playing games, telephone ria with a boyfriend, was busy replying to a message from a colleague, or read information-information from the internet. Mobile can also cause the owner always feel anxious, restless and tense.

5. Heart attack
In a few cases ever found someone who had a history of heart disease suddenly died instantly when he heard Hand phone rang at midnight, could be concerned stunned to have a heart attack. 6. cause fatigue
Mobile is located close to the owner can be made into a fitful sleep quality. While you slept, but in fact you are still awake, with marked you still remember some of the things that happen when you are asleep. It can make you experience fatigue when waking up the next morning.

7. Inhibit the body's metabolism
It is known that when a person actually fall asleep at this time that the body's metabolism is being worked on. Therefore, when a person is exposed to radiation Mobile or when sleeping so soundly, then the process of metabolism is inhibited, so that the ingestion of food or any process of detoxification of toxins in the body is disrupted.

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There are various tips for maintaining healthy body such as eating foods rich in nutrients, avoid bad habits for health and exercise in the morning. If you think the habit is hard to do, then the following tips may be applied to:

1. Early Sleep At Night.
Nighttime is the right time to rest the body and mind. Approximately half an hour must be made prior to closing your eyes. Then go to sleep promptly at 21:00 pm every day.

2. Set Alarm Clock or Mobile Phone to Getting Up earlier.
If your sleep at the nights is very soundly, then get up at half past four in the morning You can easily exercise every day for half an hour starting at half past five in the morning is a very good time and appropriate.

3. Naps Moderation. If you are accustomed to nap, then do activity nap for about 20-40 minutes each day. Because, nap overload will cause night's sleep on time you do can be disrupted.

4. Keep the Mobile Or Mobile Phone From Your Bed.
This is because, by bringing the phone next to the pillow, hence the desire to open up and play will be greater which would disrupt proper sleep schedule that has been made.

5. Try Dinner Early.
At 6-7 pm is a good time to start dinner. This is because, consuming food two hours before bedtime can soothe the digestive organs. So it does not disturb night sleep has been scheduled.

6. Avoid Consuming caffeinated beverages.
Coffee is one of caffeinated beverages that should be avoided when starting the activity to sleep at night. Because, the coffee can stimulate the body and eyes to keep awake and eventually disrupt your night's sleep.

7. Turn Off Your Bedroom.
Besides good for health, lights out can make a person fall asleep faster and sleep every night.

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The word "GINGER" is not necessarily familiar to our ears. Ginger has a variety of benefits to maintain and improve the health of your body. Here are 7 powerful benefits of Ginger for your health:

1. Very Potent Cancer-Fighting.
Each person would very much like to avoid the various types of attacks cancer that is very deadly. Ginger has a fairly high antioxidant content. The Ginger antioxidants is very effective to prevent cancer attacks to your body.

2. Help and Improve Digestive Health Organ.
In addition to helping break down proteins in a variety of foods consumed, ginger also served to increase the absorption of nutrients in the digestive organs and prevent a variety of diseases that can affect your digestive organs.

3. Respiratory Relief.
Asthma is one of the health problems caused because someone is very difficult to take a breath normally. Began to consume beverages that contain ginger extract could be one solution.

4. Antidote And Healing When Coughing Nor Crashes In Throat.
Double nutritious drinks Ginger is a deterrent and can be used as a remedy when someone cough and sore throat.

5. When Feels Natural Medicine Nausea, Vomiting Nor Drunk trip.
According to one study, ginger is very effective to prevent and avoid someone from a variety of health complaints such as nausea, vomiting and drunk during the trip.

6. Increase Appetite Immediately.
Eating is a mandatory requirement or activity everyone. Various nutrients and vitamins can be obtained from a variety of foods consumed. When appetite is reduced, taking ginger before meals can improve your appetite.

7. Efficacious Reduces Menstrual Pain.
For women started taking ginger or ginger drink containing useful to relieve menstrual pain that you experience.

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